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Rotary Roto Phase Converter Elevator

Standard Features:

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Includes Control panel completely prewired with Magnetic Starter, OL Protection, and HOA Switch which can be integrated with elevator controls
  • ODP or TEFC Rotary Base Available
  • NEMA 3R Panel
  • Continuous Duty Cycle

The ARCO CHDELV Series Roto-Phase is designed for freight and passenger elevators. This rotary phase converter incorporates an (HOA) Hands/OFF/Automatic selector switch, timers, and controls to integrate with the elevator controls.

Automatic mode operation requires a signal (through a dry set of contacts furnished by end-user) to be sent from the elevator call button to start the Roto-Phase. After a 2 to 3 second delay, a timer from the Roto-phase panel sends a signal to the elevator control to energize the elevator motor. When the Roto-Phase is energized, then a 30-minute adjustable timer is activated. This timer signals the Roto-Phase to shut off after the time has elapsed. If the elevator is called for during this timing period, the timer resets preventing the Roto-Phase from turning off during use.

Rotary Roto Phase Converter Diagram
Ship Wt.
CHDELV2 13.00" 11.00" 10.00" 7.00" 9.00" 30x24x8 115 Lbs.
CHDELV5 17.00" 14.00" 13.00" 10.00" 12.00" 30x24x8 278 Lbs.
CHDELV7 19.00" 16.00" 16.00" 12.00" 12.00" 30x24x8 366 Lbs.
CHDELV10 23.00" 18.00" 21.00" 13.00" 13.00" 30x24x8 445 Lbs.
CHDELV15 25.00" 20.00" 24.00" 14.00" 15.00" 30x24x8 520 Lbs.
CHDELV20 25.00" 20.00" 24.00" 14.00" 15.00" 30x30x12 675 Lbs.
CHDELV25 27.00" 22.00" 25.00" 15.00" 17.00" 30x30x12 749 Lbs.
CHDELV30 27.00" 22.00" 25.00" 15.00" 17.00" 36x24x12 10x10x6 833 Lbs.
CHDELV40 27.00" 22.00" 25.00" 15.00" 17.00" 36x24x12 10x10x6 840 Lbs.

Dimensions given are not certified.
Case size and shipping weights are subject to change without notice.
ARCO Electric reserves the right to make product changes without prior notice.
Specify 230 V or 460 V. Orders placed without specified voltage 230 will be used.

ARCO Electric Products reserves the right to make product changes without prior notification.

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